The Centre for the History of Retailing and Distribution (CHORD) invites participants to its 2023 on-line seminars on the history of retailing and distribution. The seminars will take place between February and April 2023: please see below for details 

Participation is free, but registration is required (the timings are UK times) 

For further information, including programme, abstracts and registration form please see: 



Monday 27 February 2023 

14.00 – 14.30 Emily Westkaemper, James Madison University, US, From Consumer to Career Woman: Promoting Professionalism in U.S. Department Stores, 1950s–1980s 

14.40 – 15.10 Nataliia Laas, New York University, US, Urban Stores as Places of Women’s Activism in the Soviet Union during Late Stalinism 

15.20 – 15.50 Lesley Taylor, Solent University, UK, St. Mags: Fashion at the heart of the community 

Monday 27 March 2023 

10.00 – 10.30 Phil Lyon, Umeå University, Sweden, Promoting French Cuisine to English Homes: The Life and Times of a 1923 Cookery Book 

10.40 – 11.10 Jane Tolerton, independent scholar, New Zealand, Mary Taylor: ‘Friend of Charlotte Bronte’ or successful storekeeper of colonial New Zealand – and ‘her own best friend’? 

11.20 – 11.50 Frances Richardson, University of Oxford, UK, Shopping in early nineteenth-century Wales: the variety of shops and their customers 


Monday 24 April 2023 

14.00 – 14.30 Sam Backer, Johns Hopkins University, US, Counter Girls and Salesmen: Gender, Consumption, and Sheet Music Retail in the United States, 1890-1920 

14.40 – 15.00 Ten-minute, work in progress presentation: Barbara Caddick, University of Bristol, Online pharmacy – A historical perspective 

15.10 – 15.40 Jon Stobart, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Shopping and the city space: in the footsteps of the Reverend Woodforde (1740-1803) 

The HiMOS webinar returns

The HiMOS series (https://historymos.com/) returns!

We are delighted to host Associate Professor María Fernández Moya (CUNEF) and Senior Lecturer Andrew Smith (Liverpool) at the next event.

María will provide a ”behind-the-scene” presentation about her recent Journal of International Business Studies article that offers a long-term approach to internationalization scholarship. 

Andrew will introduce the IB-related Special Issue Call for the Journal of Management Studies and discuss a recent working paper, titled “Towards a Model of How Managers Respond to Historic Organizational Misconduct Accusations: Insights from the Campaign for Corporate Reparations for Black Slavery.”

We recommend reading the article, the call for paper, and the working paper before the workshop to get the most out of the event! 

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Time: 12:15-14:00 (UTC, London) / 13:15-15:00 (UTC+1, Madrid) / 14:15-15:00 (UTC+2, Helsinki)

Register here to get your Zoom link. 

The HiMOS webinar: 

The HiMOS webinar series (www.historymos.com) aims to generate hands-on insights for those interested in applying historical methods within management and organization studies. Previous issues included speakers such as Grace Augustine (Bath), Stephanie Decker (Birmingham), Christina Lubinski (CBS), Mairi Maclean (University of Bath) and Eero Vaara (Oxford Saïd Business School). 

On our website, you can watch a selection of previous presentations. 

Best regards,

Christian, Nooa, & Zeerim

CHRONOS talk by Davide Nicolini

We are delighted to announce the next CHRONOS distinguished research seminar. We have the pleasure to host Prof. Davide Nicolini, Professor of Organization Studies at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. 

He will offer a speech on 

Revisiting the relationship between practice and (academic) theory‘ 

18th October 2022, 2-4pm, WINDSOR-0-02, Windsor Building, Royal Holloway. 

You can find abstract and short bio of our distinguished speaker below 

If you cannot attend the seminar in person, you can still join on-line via MS Teams meeting. 

To attend the event, you can email: elena.giovannoni[at]rhul.ac.uk

Rethinking Tomorrow’s Organization Webinar

Rennes School of Business is honoured to present the first in a series of webinars exploring the future of Organizations. In this webinar, we invite three leading scholars in the field of business and management to present their vision of the Organization of tomorrow.

The first of our speakers is Prof Joaquin Alegre, University of Valencia, Spain. Prof Alegre argues that critical issues such as global pandemics or climate change require organisations to accentuate exploration activities and radical innovation. However, many managers are still reluctant to take R&D risks. Tomorrow’s organisations need to be managed by leaders with a clear long-term view on this issue. Furthermore, major changes in HR policies are required to boost creativity within the organisation of tomorrow. Digitalisation, smart working, work-life balance benefits, or discretionary working day length are likely to be implemented to achieve commitment, entrepreneurial attitude and creativity.

The second speaker is Prof Stephanie Decker, University of Birmingham, UK. Reappraising the past is essential in forging a new direction for the future, and Prof Decker focuses on rediscovering that unknown past. How we frame our history tells us perhaps more about who we are today, than about our ancestors. What we think we know about the past often provides us with an uncomplicated story, for example, about a natural development from primitive to more complex societies, where greater welfare was accompanied by greater inequality. However, the past is full of the unknown: the undesirable, the forgotten, the uncomfortable, the complicated and the confusing. By appreciating how much “unknown” past is waiting to be “discovered”, we can explore new avenues for “Tomorrow’s Organizations”.

Our third speaker is Prof Jan-Willem Stoelhorst, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Prof Stoelhorst explores a stakeholder turn in corporate governance, towards a model for the stakeholder corporation. While both academics and practitioners seem to be increasingly turning away from a shareholder and towards a stakeholder view of corporate governance, this ‘stakeholder turn’ raises the practical question of how to implement a stakeholder approach to corporate governance. Prof Stoelhorst will present the main ideas from a forthcoming Academy of Management Review paper that begins to address this question, as well as some thoughts about how these ideas relate to (but are different from) notions like shareholder democracy.

Joining Instructions

The webinar will take place on 24th October 2022, 14:00-15:30 CET. To join us please follow the link: https://forms.office.com/r/0v9V9yCCkU

2022 BHC Mid-Year Conference (online)

The Business History Conference (BHC) will host a one-day virtual conference on September 30, 2022. The 2022 BHC Mid-Year Conference enables members from around the world to easily and cost-effectively participate in the BHC during a turbulent time and also launches the BHC’s activities for the 2022-2023 academic year. The 2023 BHC Annual meeting will take place in person in Detroit on March 9-11, 2023. 

The theme for the 2022 BHC Mid-Year Conference is “Method and Madness: Reinventing Business History in a New Age of Extremes.” The one-day conference will be organized around three sets of 1.5 hour workshops. The first set of workshops will examine new sources and new uses of old sources in business history research. Sessions will include the uses of visual materials, legal records, account books, and big data, among other sources. The second set of workshops will cover interpretive and analytical techniques, including the interpretation of senses, network analysis, and the rhetorical uses of history. The third set of workshops will cover changes in the representation and dissemination of business history, including both conventional formats (books, scholarly articles) and newer formats (podcasts, social media, etc). 

Given that the conference is organized around short workshops rather than presentations, we will request participants to only fill out a registration form. The registration website will go live August 22 and participants will be notified of their acceptance by September 1. BHC members who are students and emerging scholars can register for free; fees for regular BHC members and nonmembers will be modest. In the meantime, please save the date.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out to BHC president Dan Wadhwani: dwadhwani@marshall.usc.edu. Interested people may also follow/tag @TheBHCNewsBHC’s Facebook, and BHC’s LinkedIn, and the hashtag #BHCMidYear. 

AOM 2022 PDW: Digital archives search

Are you interested in learning about how to use email in your research? If so, please come to a special Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at the 2022 Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting to learn how other scholars are using email and to participate in a study about knowledge discovery in large-scale, organizational email corpora.

Emails are materially different from the correspondence of the pre-digital age, but their significance as traces of the past is substantial, especially for organizations, where email is not only used as a form of correspondence but also as an informal mode of record keeping. We believe that the preservation of a meaningful, relatively complete email archive is one plausible pathway to supporting scholarly research on organizations.

The forthcoming PDW — “Introducing the ‘Digitally Curious’ to Email Archives for Organizational Research and History (session 183)” — is sponsored by the Management History (MH) division of AOM and will introduce the “digitally curious” scholar to email archives for organizational research. It will be moderated by Prof David Kirsch (University of Maryland, US), Dr Adam Nix (University of Birmingham, UK), Shubhangkar Girish Jain (University of Maryland, US) in person, and online by Prof Stephanie Decker (University of Birmingham, UK, and University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Dr Santhilata Kuppili Venkata (independent scholars).

The PDW will take place on Friday, August 5, from 2:00-4:00pm PDT in a hybrid format with both in-person and virtual participation supported. To allow participants to access the email tools and collections, pre-registration is requested. If you would like to register or to learn more about the workshop and the project, please email Shubhangkar Girish Jain (shubhangkar.girishjain@marylandsmith.umd.edu).

Attendees at the PDW are invited to contribute to research on the use of email and will be encouraged to complete a post-workshop survey that will constitute an input to our ongoing research in this area. Completion of the survey is not required to attend and participate in the workshop.

New funding for Email Archives Research Project

EMCODIST – The Next Phase

Following the publication of our Dotcom-Archive website [link to Monday’s post] we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded follow-on funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation [https://mellon.org] via the Email Archives: Building Capacity and Community (EA:BCC) programme at the University of Illinois [https://emailarchivesgrant.library.illinois.edu].

 “Discovery environments for using email archives: Evaluating user needs with prototype version of EMailCOntextualisationDIScovery Tool” (or just “EMailCOntextualisationDIScovery”) is a new project that will build on Contextualizing Email Archives and the ECOMDIST discovery prototype we developed.

The award (approximately $57,000) will fund tool development, testing and user experience analysis in 2022 and 2023.

Why email?

Emails are materially different from correspondence of the pre-digital age, but their significance as traces of the past is substantial, especially for organizations, where email is not only used as a form of correspondence but also as an informal mode of record keeping. We believe that the preservation of a meaningful, relatively complete email archive is one plausible pathway to supporting scholarly research on organizations. 

Our work focuses on how researchers will engage with such resources, having previously developed an AI-based discovery tool (ECOMDIST), which we used to explore a dotcom-era email archive [https://dotcomarchive.bristol.ac.uk/]. Our new project will bring this technology to researchers in management and organization history, one of the key scholarly use cases for large-scale email corpora, and see how it can best be developed to support a context-sensitive discovery process.

Going to AoM?

One of our first activities on the project will be a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Seattle [https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting]. Sponsored by the Management History (MH) division, Introducing the “digitally curious” to email archives for organizational history will:

  1. introduce “digitally curious” management scholars to the use of email collections as contexts for research;
  2. orient scholars to new tools for interacting with sample email collections, including EMCODIST; and 
  3. provide a forum for scholars to share and learn from each other about emerging best practices in the use of email as a context for research. 

The PDW will take place on Friday, August 5, from 2:00-4:00p PDT in a hybrid format with in-person and virtual participation supported. To allow participants to access the email tools and collections, pre-registration is required. If you would like to register or to learn more about the workshop and the project, please email Shubhangkar Girish Jain (shubhangkar.girishjain@marylandsmith.umd.edu).​

17th Accounting History Symposium

Accounting History Special Interest Group (AFAANZ) logo

Dear Accounting History community members, 

The Accounting History Special Interest Group of AFAANZ is pleased to announce that the 17th Accounting History Symposium will be held fully online on July 2, 2022 in the morning (AEST).

The event will be free of charge for the AH-SIG members.

A fee of AUD$15 will be charged for non-members (including non-AFAANZ members).

As per our tradition, part of the event will be dedicated to research proposal presentations by accounting history scholars.

You are welcome to submit your research proposal according to the attached call for research proposals for the 17th Accounting History Symposium.

Feel also free to pass on this call to other interested colleagues and PhD students.

Further information on the event and our SIG can be found at https://www.afaanz.org/interest-group/accounting-history-special-interest-group

Registrations to the event are already open at https://www.afaanzconference.com/sigs

Thank you and best wishes

Giulia Leoni, Accounting History SIG Convenor

Maryam Safari, Accounting History SIG Deputy Convenor

HiMOS webinar April 27th

Great news everyone!

The HiMOS series (https://historymos.com/) returns!

We are delighted to host Grace Augustine (Bayes Business School) and Sandeep Pillai (Bocconi University) at the next event.

Grace will provide a “behind-the-scene” presentation about her recent Organization Science article (https://doi.org/10.1287/orsc.2021.1450) on abortion provision in the US. She will share her insights to publish historical research in a top management journal. We recommend reading the article before the workshop to get the most out of the presentation. 

Sandeep will present his working paper that aims to enhance our methodological knowledge of doing history in the strategic management context. We will circulate his working paper one week before the event.

Date: Wednesday, Apr 27th, 2022

Time: 14:00–16:00 (Eastern European Summer Time, UTC+3, Finland); 13:00–15:00 (Italy); 12:00–14:00 (UK)

Register here to get your Zoom link: https://link.webropolsurveys.com/EP/292288F111B87897


Senior Lecturer Grace Augustine (Bayes Business School, City, University of London): Capturing Voices, Experiences, and Identities Through Archival Data

Assistant Professor Sandeep Pillai (Bocconi University): The Role of Historical Methods in Strategy Research: Bridging the Gap between Loveliness and Likeliness

Best regards,

Christian and Zeerim

Dr Grace Augustine (Bayes) and Dr Sandeep Pillai (Bocconi) will speak at the next HiMOS event.

Archival surveying conference in memory of Michael Moss

Re-appraisal of surveying: a vital archival tool for contemporary collecting

27-28 April 2022. 

Online conference in memory of Professor Michael S Moss.

The event, which is being jointly organised by the Business Archives Council, Business Archives Council of Scotland and The National Archives, with the support of the British Records Association, will consist of short papers and sessions spread over two half-days, on 27 and 28 April 2022.

Surveying remains a universally useful tool for all archivists and we are seeking speakers on archival surveying of all kinds, not just in relation to business archives, both from the UK and globally. We hope that this conference will provide a space to share best practice, and expect the event to be followed by practical half-day face-to-face workshops on surveying techniques across the UK.

This conference will consider the UK’s extraordinary track record of successful archival surveying and look at the many ways in which surveys can not only contribute to the collecting function of an archive but also ensure that the heritage of an organisation, region or nation is appropriately reflected in its archival collections.

For more information and further updates visit: busarchscot.org.uk/events/surveying-conference/