Rethinking Tomorrow’s Organization Webinar

Rennes School of Business is honoured to present the first in a series of webinars exploring the future of Organizations. In this webinar, we invite three leading scholars in the field of business and management to present their vision of the Organization of tomorrow.

The first of our speakers is Prof Joaquin Alegre, University of Valencia, Spain. Prof Alegre argues that critical issues such as global pandemics or climate change require organisations to accentuate exploration activities and radical innovation. However, many managers are still reluctant to take R&D risks. Tomorrow’s organisations need to be managed by leaders with a clear long-term view on this issue. Furthermore, major changes in HR policies are required to boost creativity within the organisation of tomorrow. Digitalisation, smart working, work-life balance benefits, or discretionary working day length are likely to be implemented to achieve commitment, entrepreneurial attitude and creativity.

The second speaker is Prof Stephanie Decker, University of Birmingham, UK. Reappraising the past is essential in forging a new direction for the future, and Prof Decker focuses on rediscovering that unknown past. How we frame our history tells us perhaps more about who we are today, than about our ancestors. What we think we know about the past often provides us with an uncomplicated story, for example, about a natural development from primitive to more complex societies, where greater welfare was accompanied by greater inequality. However, the past is full of the unknown: the undesirable, the forgotten, the uncomfortable, the complicated and the confusing. By appreciating how much “unknown” past is waiting to be “discovered”, we can explore new avenues for “Tomorrow’s Organizations”.

Our third speaker is Prof Jan-Willem Stoelhorst, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Prof Stoelhorst explores a stakeholder turn in corporate governance, towards a model for the stakeholder corporation. While both academics and practitioners seem to be increasingly turning away from a shareholder and towards a stakeholder view of corporate governance, this ‘stakeholder turn’ raises the practical question of how to implement a stakeholder approach to corporate governance. Prof Stoelhorst will present the main ideas from a forthcoming Academy of Management Review paper that begins to address this question, as well as some thoughts about how these ideas relate to (but are different from) notions like shareholder democracy.

Joining Instructions

The webinar will take place on 24th October 2022, 14:00-15:30 CET. To join us please follow the link: