CBS Rethinking History

Rethinking History at Business Schools: A CBS Initiative

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is one of the world-leading environments for historical research at business schools and universities. The Initiative aims at making history more central to the research and pedagogical agenda of business schools.

To date, the initiative includes:

  • Growing network of scholars and activities organized around three themes: “Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship,” “Uses of the Past: History and Memory in Organizations” and “Cultural Approaches in Business History”
  • Rethinking History-Fellowships for visiting scholars to CBS (previous visitors included Dan Wadhwani (Univ. of the Pacific), Mick Rowlinson (Queen Mary London), Ludovic Cailluet (Univ. of Toulouse), Stephanie Decker (Aston Business School) and Andrew Popp (Univ. of Liverpool)
  • Annual PhD course “Using Historical Approaches in Management and Organizational Research” (first Nov. 2014 with 20 PhDs from 9 universities worldwide)

Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship

Special Issue in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

“Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research: Investigating Context, Time, and Change in Entreprenerial Processes”

Guest Editors: R. Daniel Wadhwani, David A. Kirsch, William B. Gartner, Friederike Welter, Geoffrey Jones

Deadline for submissions: July 15, 2016.

Click to access sej-historical-approaches-to-entrepreneurship-research.pdf

Cultural Approaches in Business History

Special Issue in Business History

“Towards a Narrative Turn in Business History? Story, Plots, Fables and Metaphors”

Guest Editors: Mads Mordhorst, Stefan Schwarzkopf

Scheduled for publication in 2016.

Uses of the Past

Special Issue in Organization Studies

“Uses of the Past: History and Memory in Organizations and Organizing”

Guest Editors: Mads Mordhorst, Andew Popp, Roy Suddaby, R. Daniel Wadhwani

Deadline for submissions: March 15, 2016.

Click to access cfp_uses_of_the_past_-_final_1.pdf