Method & Madness – New Special Issue Out!

On September 22, 2022, the BHC held its second annual mid-year meeting. The theme of the virtual event was “Method and Madness: Historical Interpretation in a New Age of Extremes.” One-hundred, twenty-six people participated, 41 percent of whom were emerging scholars and 55 percent of whom were based outside the United States. 

We are pleased to announce the publication of a collection of peer-reviewed essays based on the conference. The essays all touch of the value of play and playfulness in research methods – especially during historical moments of uncertainty and transformation. They are grouped into four themes: new sources of play, seeing anew, sensing new connections, and entertaining new representations. A list of the essays can be found below and they are all freely available until September and can be found here



Methods of Musement

Practice of playAuthorsEssay title 
IntroductionWadhwani, SorensenMethods of Musement
  New Sources for PlayKirsch, Decker, Nix, Girish Jain & Kuppili Venkata. Using Born-Digital Archives for Business History: EMCODIST and the Case of E-Mail
Zeng & TaoSocial Media as a source
BlackNoticing Material Culture
 Seeing AnewBallor, Recio & VanattaSurveillance Archive: Using Reports in Business History
VanAccount Books as Social Technologies
   Sensing New ConnectionsHisano & KubeEngaging with Experiences: The Senses as Lenses in Business History
Rinaldi, Salvaj, Pak & HalginDatabases, Network Analysis and Business History
 Villamor, Prieto-Nañez & Kirsch The Promise Of Machine-Learning- Driven Text Analysis Techniques For Historical Research: Topic Modeling And Word Embedding.
Entertaining New RepresentationsStaley & AssmusenModels, Objects and Ghosts: Visualizing History
Wilson & TilbaBusiness History and the ‘Practical Turn’