Chinese Business History Workshop – BHC Annual Meeting 2022

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

Chinese Business History – the study of the historical development of business and entrepreneurship in China – saw its beginnings as a field during the 1980s when scholars in China and abroad started to probe the historical origins of the rapid rise of Chinese entrepreneurs and businesses after China’s Reform and Opening Up. Between the 1980s and early 2000s, the field grew steadily and produced several important research monographs and collaborative research projects. While individual scholars of Chinese history have continued to work on matters relating to business, entrepreneurship and commerce, collaborative research in the field has become largely dormant during the past two decades. This not only reduced interactions among scholars working on Chinese business history but also resulted in a dearth in efforts to answer collaboratively larger questions about the historical development of Chinese entrepreneurship and synthesize individual studies to move the larger field forward. Moreover, too little interaction exists between scholars of Chinese business history and business historians working on other regions of the world.
This one-day pre-meeting workshop aims to both bring together Chinese business historians and facilitate discussion between business historians working on China and those working on other regions. We particularly encourage graduate students and early career scholars to submit their papers. Proposals should include a 250-words abstract and a bio of no more than 200 words and should be sent to by 7 November 2021. This proposal process is separate from the proposal process of the annual meeting and papers should be distinct from those submitted to the annual meeting (though submitting a separate paper to the annual meeting is not a requirement).