AMLE SI: New Histories of Business Schools

AMLE’s September issue features an exciting special issue on the History of Business Schools and Business School education.

Special Issue on New Histories of Business Schools

From the Editors—New Times, New Histories of the Business School
Patricia Genoe McLaren, Todd Bridgman, Stephen Cummings, Christina Lubinski, Ellen O’Connor, J.-C. Spender, and Gabrielle Durepos

Research & Reviews

Business Schools and the Role of the Executives’ Wives
Rolv Petter Amdam and Allison Louise Elias
Teaching (Cooperative) Business: The “Bluefield Experiment” and the Future of Black Business Schools
Leon Prieto, Simone Phipps, Neil Stott, and Lilia Giugni
Social Imaginaries of Entrepreneurship Education: The United States and Germany, 1800–2020
R. Daniel Wadhwani and Christoph Viebig
Recentering the Global South in the Making of Business School Histories: Dependency Ambiguity in Action
Sergio Wanderley, Rafael Alcadipani, and Amon Barros
Historicizing Management and Organization in Africa
Baniyelme D. Zoogah


Business Education in the U.K. Polytechnic Tradition: Uncovering Alternative Approaches through Historical Investigation
Alistair Mutch
Feeling Left Out: Revising Business School History and Inserting Lyrical Sociology
Renee M. Rottner

Exemplary Contributions

Professional School Obsession: An Enduring Yet Shifting Rhetoric by U.S. Business Schools
Behlül Üsdiken, Matthias Kipping, and Lars Engwall
The Future of the Business School: Finding Hope in Alternative Pasts
André Spicer, Zahira Jaser, and Caroline Wiertz
Reckoning with Slavery: How Revisiting Management’s Uncomfortable Past Can Help Us Confront Challenges Today
Caitlin Rosenthal
Indigenous Conversational Approach to History and Business Education
Mary Beth Doucette, Joseph Scott Gladstone, and Teddy Carter

Book & Resource Reviews

Business School Archives: The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) Archives
Tumbe Chinmay
African American Management History: Insights on Gaining a Cooperative Advantage
François Bastien
Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: The Sad History of American Business Schools
O’Doherty Damian