Book reviews in organizational history

The NEP-HIS blog features a number of interesting book reviews in the area of business and organizational history, which might be of interest, for example:

How the Internet Became Commercial: Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of a New Network by Shane Greenstein (2015, Princeton University Press) Marc Levinson for The Wall Street Journal (November 23, 2015).
Carmen Nobel for Forbes (November 2, 2015).
for Kirkus (November 1, 2015).
Tyler Cowen for Marginal Revolution (October 23, 2015).
(Circulated 2016-06-01)
Faxed: The Rise and Fall of the Fax Machine by Jonathan Coopersmith (2015, John Hopkins University Press) Conor Farrington for Times Literary Supplement(September 18, 2015).
Carla Nappi for New Books in History (podcast, 60 min) (July 17, 2015).
[with thanks to Jonathan Coopersmith]
(Circulated 2015-11-18)
Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong by Morten Jerven (2015, Zed) Laura Seay and Kim Ye Dionne for The Washington Post(September 11, 2015).
Katrina Manson for Financial Times (September 6, 2015).
for The Economist (July 25, 2015).
Alex de Waal for African Arguments (June 24, 2015).
(Circulated 2015-09-17)
Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca-Cola Capitalism by Bartow Elmore (2014, W. W. Norton) Marc Lenvinson in The Wall Street Journal (November 21, 2014).
Beth Macy in The New York Times (January 2, 2015).
(Circulated 2015-01-22)

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