Thoughts About Yesterday’s Seminar at Alliance Manchester Business School

Andrew Smith of The Past Speaks was so kind to write a blog over yesterday’s ESRC seminar at Alliance Manchester Business School, a very successful event that discussed ethnography in conjunction with organizational history. You can read the full blog post below:

The Past Speaks

Yesterday, I was privileged to attend an ESRC-funded seminar at Alliance Manchester Business School on the theme of historicising the theory and practice of organizational analysis. The particular focus on yesterday’s event was on ethnographic and phenomenological approaches. I gained a great deal from this event which saw the exchange of views by org studies scholars,  business historians, and people from the discipline of archival science. I was introduced to ethnographic research methods and the associated theoretical debates, which is simply something I didn’t know that much about before. I also learned a great deal from the papers that are closer to my own home research tradition of business history. I would say that I got the most from Stephanie Decker‘s excellent paper on archival ethnography.

Listening to Stephanie discuss her paper made me realize the usefulness to my own research of Stoler (2009)’s concept of “history in the subjunctive,” the use of…

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