Recruitment update: Jobs & studentships in the UK

University of Glasgow – Economic & Social History

The Economic and Social History subject area of the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow are looking to recruit two positions, one an open-ended lectureship in international political economy, the other a tutor in global economy (also open-ended)

University of Glasgow – Adam Smith Business School

We are recruiting for a Lecturer in Political Economy in the Entrepreneurship, Development and Political Economy cluster.

University of Northumbria – Newcastle Business School

Doctoral studentship: Portable steam engines and British industrialisation, 1840-1870 (RDF23/EIS/BOTTOMLEY)

About the Project

The British industrial revolution marks the genesis of modern economic growth, the transition from a universal regime of subsistence or near-subsistence, to one of material abundance. Conventionally, the role of coal (burnt to produce heat energy) in conjunction with steam-power (transforming this heat energy into mechanical energy) was believed to be critical. It released Britain from the energy restrictions inherent to any organically based economy, wherein virtually all energy inputs are derived from what can be grown from the land, be it firewood to provide heat energy or food and fodder for man and beast to provide mechanical energy (Wrigley, 2010); between 1600-1913, the per capita energy ‘budget’ in England increased 80 fold (Warde, 2007).

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