British Academy’s Future of the Corporation

Over the last four years, the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation programme has brought together talented groups of academics, business leaders, investors, civil society leaders and policymakers to explore how business can solve problems for people and the planet. The programme has given unrivaled attention to the questions around how purpose can be placed at the heart of business through policy, practice and business education.

The British Academy invites you to join them to hear their conclusions and discuss the role of policy, practice and business education in firmly embedding purpose in the way business operates. Please register for the launch of our third and final report, Policy and Practice for Purposeful Business, and a series of discussions on adapting business education to purpose on their website.

Colin Mayer on the Future of the Corporation

Last month Professor Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the Saïd Business School, spoke at an event to mark the launch of the Global History of Capitalism (GHoC) project. For more information, follow this link: