Weatherburn on “Taylorism, Generations & Historical Reflexivity”

I’m very pleased to share a talk by Michael Weatherburn (Imperial) that he gave last year at the University of Bristol School of Management on “Taylorism, Generations and Historical Reflexivity in Management Scholarship”.

Finding Light in Dark Archives (with AI) – recorded online presentation

We have another update on our AHRC-funded research project on Email Archives, as we presented our work with an excellent group of UK and Irish scholars and professionals focusing on AI & Archives.

For more information on AURA and their events follow this link.

Update from the Contextualising Email Archives Research Project

As part of our AHRC-funded collaborative research project on “Historicising the boom and contextualising email archives”, we have recorded an introduction to our project and its aims. In case you are interested, you can find the presentation here.

Video abstract for “Tangled Roots of African Entrepreneurship”

What can I say, with the second lockdown in the UK comes more up-skilling…

Our piece combines historical and fsQCA analysis.

If you’d like to read the full article, it is available open access here:

Decker, S., Estrin, S., & Mickiewicz, T. (2020). The tangled historical roots of entrepreneurial growth aspirations. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

If you are preparing video or visual abstract of management & organization history books, articles, chapters or presentations, let us know and we can post them via OHN for you!

Bill Cooke on why management history matters

With thanks to Andrew Smith of The Past Speaks to alerting me to this interesting YouTube video.

Prof Bill Cooke talks about my management history matters, and how it allows present day phenomena to be put into a general context.