Call for Proposals – the Hagley Seminar on Business, Culture, and Politics

Building on the 30-year legacy of the Hagley Research seminar, The Hagley Seminar on Business and Culture will feature innovative work in progress essays that expand the boundaries of studies using business history sources. The seminar seeks unpublished papers that place commercial activity, and the institutions that generate and regulate such, within the dynamics of the cultures in which they are embedded. 

Papers should be empirically rich, conceptually framed, and offer an original argument or set of insights. Ideally papers will be at a point of development that the author will be able to change the text in response to seminary comments. Papers eithers accepted or under consideration for publication are not eligible. While we look forward to sharing work that makes use of Hagley’s research collections, papers need not do so to be considered for inclusion in the seminar series. 

The papers will be pre-circulated to seminar participants and commentators. It will meet virtually, facilitating the participation of scholars outside of the immediate neighborhood of Hagley’s Wilmington, Delaware campus. It will meet from noon until 1:30 EST to facilitate participation of scholars from a range of time zones. 

To propose a paper, please submit a draft of between 4,000 and 14,000 words (including notes); if you plan to expand the text for the seminar, also include information on your plans to do so. Please also include a 150 word abstract, brief summary of sources used, and a cv of no more than 2 pages. These materials should go to Carol Lockman, Suggestions for commentators on the paper are welcome. Currently we are scheduling papers for our spring 2023 series, but proposals will be considered on a rolling basis and the author is encouraged to suggest a good month for them to present.