CfP: Historical Accounting for Enterprise and Society in Africa

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We are pleased to announce that the Call for Papers on the theme “Historical Accounting for Enterprise and Society in Africa” which is to be guest edited by Professor Grietjie Verhoef and Dr Olayinka Moses. The call can be found at, in the call for papers section.

Accounting systems and institutions significantly influence the development of enterprise and society. Our understanding of these systems often omits the subtleties of difference, complexity, and contestation in Africa. Early interaction with markets outside Africa developed dynamically from the eighth century and with subsequent expeditions from metropolitan Europe and Asia. African societies through engagement with the global systems have facilitated different trajectories for market integration, and social development in their quest for independent statehood and post-colonial control. Owing to its evolution across enterprise and society, including engagements with global markets, and institutions, Africa has gained scholarly traction. Yet, the role of accounting and accounting systems in Africa’s societies and economies, but equally so in Africa’s engagement with international markets and the wider world, remains inadequately explored. This Special Issue seeks to understand the history and legacy of accounting and accounting systems in the development of enterprise and society in Africa. It directs attention to all traditions of accounting through the long history of African indigenous economies and cultures.

Author(s) are encouraged to submit their papers for peer review, with the final date for submission of papers to the special issue being 30 September 2023. Potential contributors are welcome to contact the Guest Editors to discuss their proposed topics at: Grietjie Verhoef ( and Olayinka Moses (

All submissions must follow the journal’s style guidelines found on the SAGE website:

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Carolyn, Carolyn and Laura

Carolyn Cordery, Carolyn Fowler and Laura Maran

Editors, Accounting History