CfP: Special Issue in Accounting History

We are pleased to announce that the Call for Papers on the theme “Accounting for Death: An historical perspective” which is to be guest-edited by Professors Lee Moerman and Sandra van der Laan. The call can be found at:

Research into accounting for death tends to identify death as a transactional phenomenon used in calculative practices; or a consequence of organisational or institutional activity that gives rise to demands for accountability. In situations where death is the consequence of intended or unintended organisational or institutional activity, the responsibility is to render an account of death. In order to reorient the analytical focus to death as a phenomenon in accounting studies, the term necroaccountability has been introduced into the lexicon (Moerman and van der Laan, 2022 forthcoming).  However, to date, a few scattered studies in accounting history have closely examined the relationships between accounting and death whether in regards to necroaccountability or other angles that are outlined in the call for papers. Author(s) are encouraged to submit their papers for peer review, with the final date for submission of papers to the special issue being 15 September 2023. Potential contributors are welcome to contact the Guest Editors to discuss their proposed topics at: Lee Moerman, University of Wollongong ( Sandra van der Laan, The University of Sydney (

All submissions must follow the journal’s style guidelines found on the SAGE website:

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Carolyn, Carolyn and Laura

Carolyn Cordery, Carolyn Fowler and Laura Maran

Editors, Accounting History