EGOS sub-theme 30 programme

The final programme for the EGOS sub-theme on Historical Organization Studies is out now!

EGOS 2019 Edinburgh Sub-theme 30: Realizing the Potential of Historical Organization Studies: Programme


Stewart Clegg, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Mairi Maclean, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Roy Suddaby, University of Victoria, Canada

Session I: Thursday, July 04, 11:00 to 12:30

– Parallel Stream –

Parallel Stream A: Theory 1 – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Roy Suddaby

  1. Gabrielle Durepos and Russ Vince

Toward (an) historical reflexivity: Potential and practice

Discussant: Andrea Bernardi

  • François Bastien, William Foster and Diego M. Coraiola

Historicizing strategy: Exploring differences in three Indigenous communities across Canada

Discussant: Stephanie Decker

Parallel Stream B: Theory 2 – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: Mairi Maclean

  1. Alistair Mutch

Historical explorations of practices

Discussant: Audrey-Anne Cyr

  • Richard J. Badham, Todd Bridgman and Stephen Cummings

The organisation-as-iceberg metaphor: A strong defence for historical re-surfacing

Discussant: Guy Huber

Session II: Thursday, July 04, 14:00 to 15:30

– Parallel Stream –

Parallel Stream A: Institutional Entrepreneurship – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Stewart Clegg

  1. Parisa I. Baig and Andrew Godley

A new perspective on the paradox of embedded agency: Legitimacy and its acquisition in institutional entrepreneurship

Discussant: Trevor Israelsen

  • Micki Eisenman and Tal Simons

A rising tide lifts all boats: The origins of institutionalized aesthetic innovation

Discussant: Ken Sakai

  • Mairi Maclean, Charles Harvey and Roy Suddaby

Entrepreneurial agency and institutional change in the co-creation of the global hotel industry

Discussant: Tom McGovern

Parallel Stream B: Rhetorical History 1 – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: Roy Suddaby

  1. Henrik Koll and Kim Esmark

Rhetorical history as managerial strategizing: The past as an object of struggles during organizational change in a Scandinavian telecom

Discussant: John G.L. Millar

  • Eugene Choi, Ikujiro Nonaka and R. Daniel Wadhwani

Selfless quest for corporate-level oneness: Application of rhetorical history as an essential organizational praxis of wise leadership

Discussant: Stefanie Ruel 

  • Çetin Önder, Meltem Özge Özcanli and Sükrü Özen

When competitors are co-narrators: Contested rhetorical organizational history

Discussant: Simon Oertel

Session III: Friday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30

– Parallel Stream –

Parallel Stream A: Institutions – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Charles Harvey

  1. Pamela A. Popielarz

Organizational legacy and normativity in organizations

Discussant: Gabrielle Durepos

  • Natalia Korchagina

Disrupting oppressive institutions through memory: Interstitial events as catalysts of the official commemoration of alternative memories

Discussant: Anna Soulsby

  • Grégoire Croidieu, Birthe Soppe and Walter W. Powell

How contestation buttresses legitimacy: A historical analysis of the 1855 Bordeaux wine classification

Discussant: Garance Marechal  

Parallel Stream B: Rhetorical History 2 – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: William Foster

  1. Simon Oertel, Franziska Hein, Karin Knorr and Kirsten Thommes

The application of rhetorical history in crafting an organizational identity

Discussant: Henrik Koll

  • Stefanie Ruel, Linda Dyer and Albert J. Mills

Gendered rhetorical ‘histories’ and antenarratives: The women of the Canadian Alouette I and II satellites

Discussant: Çetin Önder

  • John G.L. Millar

Rhetorical history and the competitive advantage of the Edinburgh fund management cluster

Discussant: Eugene Choi

Session IV: Friday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30

– Parallel Stream –

Parallel Stream A: Sources and Methods – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Charles Harvey

  1. Adam Nix and Stephanie Decker

Between sources and stuff: Using digital historical sources

Discussant: Richard J. Badham 

  • Guy Huber, Andrea Bernardi and Ioanna Iordanou

Critical discourse analysis: At the intersection of sociology and historiography

Discussant: Rohny Saylors

  • Andrew Smith

Corporate archives, history as sensemaking, and strategic decision-making at a multinational bank

Discussant: Andrew Godley 

Parallel Stream B: Applied Theory – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: Mairi Maclean

  1. Thomas Davis

Two triangles: Putting Lefebvre’s ‘spatial triad’ to work in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Discussant: Nicholas D. Wong

  • Garance Marechal and Stephen Linstead

Kitchen magic! Early media chefs’ reconfiguration of the field of cooking

Discussant: Grégoire Croidieu

  • Sonia Coman and Andrea Casey

The enduring presence of the founder in collection museums: A historical and interdisciplinary perspective

Discussant: Alistair Mutch

Session V: Friday, July 05, 14:00 to 15:30

– Parallel Stream –

Parallel Stream A: Politics and Parliaments – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Diego M. Coraiola

  1. Sabina Siebert

‘The Churchill effect’: Parliaments and their history

Discussant: Pilar Acosta

  • Sarah Robinson and Ron Kerr

‘Remember Mackintosh!’ Historical homology in the design of the Scottish parliament

Discussant: Christiane Chihadeh

  • Priscila Almeida and Eduardo Davel

Connecting cultural history to organizational studies: Contributions from the political festivity of Dois de Julho in Salvador (Bahia, Brazil)

Discussant: Diego M. Coraiola

Parallel Stream B: Memory – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: Gabrielle Durepos

  1. Karan Sonpar, Federica Pazzaglia, Matthew Lyle and Ian J. Walsh

Memory work in response to breaches of trust: The Irish Banking Inquiry

Discussant: Andrew Smith

  • Michel W. Lander

Tainting memories: The impact of stigmatization and institutional legacies on the founding of Scotch Whisky distilleries, 1680–1914

Discussant: Ron Kerr

Rohny Saylors

  • Using microstoria to study (re)membering in the context of (dis)enchantment: Empirical insights from the history of Sears and Walmart

Discussant:  Andrea Casey

Session VI: Saturday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30

– Parallel Stream –

Parallel Stream A: Processes and Boundaries – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Anna Soulsby

  1. Liv Egholm

Drawing the boundaries of the needy. Boundary objects and translation practices

Discussant: Vittoria Magrelli

  • Audrey-Anne Cyr

Deep rootedness: Institutionalization of reciprocity and trust in family firms

Discussant: John G.L. Millar

  • Vittoria Magrelli, Josip kotlar, Alfredo De Massis and Emanuela Rondi

Generations, evolution and rhythm in family firms: The role of mediators

Discussant: Liv Egholm

 Parallel Stream B: Entrepreneurship – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: Charles Harvey

  1. Nicholas D. Wong and Tom Mcgovern

Entrepreneurial history and firm growth: A case study of Rushworths Music House

Discussant: Micki Eisenman  

  • Trevor Israelsen, J. Robert Mitchell and Dominic Lim

Temporality and stakeholder enrollment: Memory, imagination, and rhetorical history in the context of entrepreneurship

Discussant: Parisa I. Baig

  • Ken Sakai

Confluence of multiple histories in institutional change: A case study on the management of surgical needles in Japanese hospitals (1945–2000)

Discussant: Adam Nix

Session VII: Saturday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30

-Parallel Stream –

 A: Business and Public Sector Interface – Room: UEBS – Auditorium

Chair: Stewart Clegg

  1. Pilar Acosta and Julio Zuluaga

Rethinking the role of businesses in the provision of public goods: A historical perspective

Discussant: Priscila Almeida

  • Christiane Chihadeh

Critical grounded theory and an imagined history: Thatcherism and the privatisation of the British internal energy market, 1980–2010

Discussant: Sabina Siebert

  • Anna Soulsby

Studying the processes of managerial legitimacy and the control of former state-owned enterprises in post-communist societies: A longitudinal study

Discussant: Sarah Robinson 

 B: Religion – Room: UEBS – LT 1A

Chair: Alistair Mutch

  1. Lauri J. Laine and Ewald Kibler

Myth and organizational structure: The case of the Orthodox Christian Valaam monastery (~1200–2018)

Discussant: Jose Bento da Silva

  • Myleen Leary

Regulations, bricolage, and the development of the Jewish ghetto in 16th century Venice

Discussant: Lauri J. Laine

  • Jose Bento da Silva and Paolo Quattrone

Inscribing ambiguity into procedural logics: Insights from the diffusion of the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises (1522–1992)

Discussant: Myleen Leary