Accounting Biographies collection freely available

SAGE Publications has established a new Editors’ Choice Collection for Accounting History on the theme “Accounting Biographies”. The articles in this new collection are freely available for a limited period until 30th May 2023 and are found at the following link:

This augments the prior Editors’ Choice Collection on the same topic from 2015 and will be a handy reference for authors seeking to submit on any of the upcoming Special Issues (see: or a general issue of the Journal.

There are now 22 Editors’ Choice Collections for Accounting History, with the series designed to cover key themes within the accounting history field. These are updated and refreshed from time to time. Details relating to the other Collections are available at the following link:

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We hope that you find the newly-added collection, as well as the previous ones, to be helpful and enjoyable reading!

Carolyn Cordery, Carolyn Fowler and Laura Maran

Editors, Accounting History