Winter break at OHN

Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year! It’s been a busy year at OHN, and we are taking a well-deserved break until January. But just in case you might get bored in our absence, let us share a few interesting audio resources with you. I know, everyone got into podcasts like two years ago, but there is even more good stuff out now than ever before

This year, we started offering open access articles in organization history in audio formats – for our podcast, visit and see if there is anything there that interests you! So far we have had anything from AI, to methods, to whiskey and the (California) energy crisis. More to come next year, and if you have an OA article out in the field, get in touch if you would like see it as a podcast.

And in the world of podcasts, there is more that might be relevant to you – for starters, do you know about the New Books Network – Economic & Business History? Here, scholars in the field are interviewed about their new books. I did one on my new book Postcolonial Transitions and Global Business History with the wonderful Paula de la Cruz Fernandes and Prof Michael Rowlinson.

If you want to recap your organization studies classics, check out Talking about Organizations – they look at some of the classics and have a collection on historical approaches on their website.

While we are taking a break from teaching and writing, it might be a good time to consider why we are all publishing, editing, reviewing, or despairing in the academic journal market we have today. Yes, academic publishing has a business history – one that involves Rupert Murdoch (of all people) as a key innovator. It’s quite a story, and it is available as an Audio Long Read from The Guardian, or as a normal long-read article.

Enjoy the break!