CfP: Business History Conference


The deadline to submit proposals for the #BHC2022MexicoCity “Business History in Times of Disruption: Embracing Complexity and Diversity” is approaching. The Program Committee will receive proposals until October 1st, 2021.

We invite participants to submit their proposals before the deadline of October 1rst 2021. We encourage to submit your proposals even if you are still uncertain of traveling to Mexico due current circumstances associated with the pandemic. Though we hope we can all meet in Mexico City, there is a place at the submission webpage to let us know your current preference for paper presentation modality. If conditions warrants, we will make alternative arrangement on an as-needed basis.
#BHC2022MexicoCity Annual Meeting General Information
Call for papers in English and instructions
Convocatoria de ponencias en español (con instrucciones para enviar propuestas al final del documento)

If you have any queries or additional comments, please contact us by email: