Business History Collective Spring Webinar series

We at the Business History Collective (Global) are pleased to announce our program for the spring webinar series, which will take place between March and June.These events are intended primarily as a platform to share and discuss ongoing research, including working papers, dissertation chapters, and manuscripts under review. As such, the series does not follow a particular theme or set of topics; however, we have tried to prioritize proposals of particular novelty, use of qualitative approaches, and historical periods preceding 1800 or subsequent to 1950.For this series, we have decided to include some ‘double features’ in the program. These longer sessions will host presentations from two speakers, allowing us to include as many papers as possible, while maintaining a manageable schedule.All events will be hosted on Zoom and bookable via Eventbrite. Sign-up links will be published on our various social media profiles and sent directly to our mailing list (sign-up here).We look forward to seeing you at our events.Program:

Ashton Merck (Duke University) and Adam Nix (De Montfort University)
Conveners Spring 2021
Business History Collective | Colectivo de Historia Empresarial

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