Distinguished lecture: “The Structural Reshaping of Globalization” by Peter Buckley

I am pleased to share details on the forthcoming distinguished lecture with Peter Buckley, Professor of International Business at Leeds University Business School, who will talk on The Structural Reshaping of Globalization. Alain Verbeke, Professor of International Business Strategy at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary will serve as a discussant. 

This talk examines the role of theory, specifically internalization theory, in examining the structural reshaping of globalization. Four empirical changes in the global economy are identified.

  • (1) The fracture in the global economy between the USA and China, including “the splinternet”. 
  • (2) “Systemic Competition” and its consequences. 
  • (3) Rising VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) and corporate responses. 
  • (4) Innovation. The theoretical response is presented by nested theories of internalization, relying on common principles and concepts.

Details of the online talk through Zoom are listed as follows. You are welcome to join this online lecture and hope to meet you online soon!

  • Topic: The Structural Reshaping of Globalization
  • Date and Time: Nov 20, 2020; 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


  • Meeting ID: 954 5014 7539
  • Passcode: 361691

For more information about Professor Peter Buckley, you can refer to


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4 thoughts on “Distinguished lecture: “The Structural Reshaping of Globalization” by Peter Buckley”

  1. Dear Steph:

    I tried to join the meeting at 10.03 am and was told it was at capacity and was not allowed entry unless someone left. There had been no pre-registration that I had seen. This is the first time I have encountered this problem. Will the lecture be recorded and available?

    My best, Mira



  2. Dear Mira Geoff Wood (organiser) told me that the audience exceeded the 300 limit and he could not let anymore people in. The session was recorded and I’ll ask Geoff (copied in) if can let you have it


  3. Hi Mira

    Unfortunately, we hit the maximum 300 limit for Western’s Zoom site license. When we realised we had a problem, we started recording, so we have a file for all but the first 15 minutes, and the powerpoints. I will send them to you in as soon as the dust settles (I am getting a lot of emails from others who had the same problem, and I still working my way through initial responses).

    best wishes Geoff ________________________________


  4. Dear Prof. Buckley, dear all, Thanks for organising this fascinating talk! So relevant and brilliantly done! I would not mind at all participating in another session, possibly one that considers VUCA in historical case studies? In any case, it would be great if the recording could be made public, say via YouTube or other channels! All best, Stefan Tetzlaff


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