CFP: EGOS Sub-Theme: Theorizing the Past, Present and Future in Organization Theory

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Sub-theme 43: Theorizing the Past, Present and Future in Organization Theory


David Chandler
University of Colorado Denver, USA

Mar Pérezts
EMLyon Business School, France

Roy Suddaby
University of Victoria, Canada, & Newcastle University Business School, United Kingdom

Call for Papers
Many organizational outcomes are the result of processes that occur over long periods of time. In spite of this, within much macro-level research the passage of time tends to be assumed or ignored, rather than theorized rigorously (Bluedorn & Denhardt, 1988; Goodman et al., 2001; Lee & Liebenau, 1999). One way in which we exclude time from our theories is by studying climactic moments of change. Although these “moments of institutional choice” are inherently interesting, focusing on them risks privileging the instance of change at the expense of the essential groundwork that generated the conditions under which the opportunity for change emerged (Pierson, 2004, p. 136)…

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