Our Paper at the Connecting Eastern & Western Perspectives on Management Conference

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Next month, I’ll be presenting a co-authored paper at at the Connecting Eastern & Western Perspectives on Management, Warwick Business School. The conference, which has been organized by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies, takes place 21st-23rd March 2016. The keynote speakers for this year’s conference are confirmed as Professor Paul Beamish (Ivey Business School) and Professor Yadong Luo (University of Miami). The central theme of the conference is “The exchange of academic knowledge increasingly flows in both directions, from West to East and East to West. This conference seeks to help establish a foundation for further development of this fertile exchange of ideas between East and West. We hope also to develop not only how the East may form boundary conditions to the established theories in the West, but also help to lay the foundation for indigenous theory building from the East.” For more details…

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