New Paper Alert: Using history in the creation of organizational identity”

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AS: I would like to draw your attention to an important new paper in the forthcoming Special Issue: Re-visiting the Historic Turn 10 years later: Current Debates in Management and Organizational History

Mike Zundel (University of Liverpool Management School), Robin Holt (Copenhagen Business School) & Andrew Popp (University of Liverpool Management School), “Using history in the creation of organizational identity.”

Abstract: Organizations frequently draw on history as a resource, for instance when attempting to establish or maintain identity claims. However, little has been done to review the advantages and problems of such use of history and it is not clear how using history impacts on the appreciation of history itself and, ultimately, on the insights that may be gained when engaging with the past. To begin to address these questions we distinguish two related uses of history as a resource for organizational identity: as a means of committing external audiences and, as…

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