Business History new published issue 64-4

TOC of issue 64-4 2022

Includes 9 original articles, 2 of them are #openaccess

Key terms: #women #business #filmindustry #entrepreneurship #familybusiness #Chinesecompanyhistory #banking history #mining #State

Barnes, Victoria, and Lucy Newton. 2022. “Women, Uniforms and Brand Identity in Barclays Bank.” Business History 64 (4): 801–30. #openaccess

Doležalová, Antonie, and Hana Moravcová. 2022. “Czechoslovak Film Industry on the Way from Private Business to Public Good (1918-1945).” Business History 64 (4): 781–800.

Eng, Pierre van der. 2022. “Chinese Entrepreneurship in Indonesia: A Business Demography Approach.” Business History 64 (4): 682–703.

Izawa, Ryo. 2022. “Corporate Structural Change for Tax Avoidance: British Multinational Enterprises and International Double Taxation between the First and Second World Wars.” Business History 64 (4): 704–26.

Kong, Lingyu, and Florian Ploeckl. 2022. “Modern Chinese Banking Networks during the Republican Era.” Business History 64 (4): 655–81.

Ranestad, Kristin. 2022. “State Reforms in Early Modern Mining: Røros Copperworks and the Role of Workers Managers, Investors and the State in Business Development.” Business History 64 (4): 831–53. #openaccess

Soulsby, Anna. 2022. “Foreign Direct Investment and the Undertow of History: Nationhood and the Influence of History on the Czech-German Relationship.” Business History 64 (4): 727–54.

Wąsowska, Aleksandra. 2022. “Organisational Development in the Context of Radical Institutional Change: The Case Study of Poland’s Ursus.” Business History 64 (4): 755–80.

Zheng, Victor, and Po-san Wan. 2022. “Chinese Culture and Banyan-Tree Style Family Businesses: The Enterprising Family of Lo Ying-Shek in Hong Kong.” Business History 64 (4): 633–54.