New issue of Business History 64-3, 2022

The latest Business History (64)3: 2022 was launched as complete issue on May 10 2022


[BOOK REVIEW] Bonin, Hubert. 2022. “La Politique Pétrolière de La France de 1861 à 1974 à Travers Le Rôle de La Compagnie Privée Desmarais Frères.” Business History 64 (3): 629–30.

[BOOK REVIEW] Burnard, Trevor. 2022. “The Overseers of Early American Slavery: Supervisors, Enslaved Labourers and the Plantation Enterprise.” Business History 64 (3): 631–32.

Carmona-Zabala, Juan. 2022. “German Economic Power in Southeastern Europe: The Case of Reemtsma and the Greek Tobacco Merchants (1923-1939).” Business History 64 (3): 537–57.

Chirosa-Cañavate, Luis, Juan A. Rubio-Mondéjar, and Josean Garrués-Irurzun. 2022. “Business Schools and the Spanish Business Elite since the Mid-Twentieth Century.” Business History 64 (3): 457–74.

Declercq, Robrecht. 2022. “A Return Ticket to the World Market? The Leipzig Fur Industry, Internationalism and the Case of the International Fur Exhibition (IPA) in 1930.” Business History 64 (3): 610–25.

[BOOK REVIEW] Fernández Pérez, Paloma. 2022. “X-Ray Contrast Agent Technology. A Revolutionary History, by Christoph de Haën,” Business History 64 (3): 628–628.

Game, Chantal S., Lisa M. Cullen, and Alistair M. Brown. 2022. “Origins Resting behind Banking Financial Accountability of Paragraphs 78 to 82 of the First Schedule of the Companies Act 1862 (UK).” Business History 64 (3): 558–82.

[BOOK REVIEW] Garavito, Martha Elizabeth. 2022. “La Industrialización En Bogotá Entre 1830 y 1930: Un Proceso Lento y Difícil.” Business History 64 (3): 626–27.

Miranda, José Antonio, and Felipe Ruiz-Moreno. 2022. “Selling the Past. The Use of History as a Marketing Strategy in Spain, 1900-1980.” Business History 64 (3): 491–510.

Nazer, Juan Ricardo, and Manuel Llorca-Jaña. 2022. “Succession in Large Nineteenth-Century Chilean Family Businesses.” Business History 64 (3): 511–36.

Ocampo Suárez-Valdés, Joaquín, and Patricia Suárez Cano. 2022. “Between the Market and the State: Ibáñez, the Marquis of Sargadelos (1749–1809), a Spanish Businessman Sailing against the Tide.” Business History 64 (3): 475–90.

[COMMENT] Pearson, Robin. 2022. “The Indigenous Origins of UK Corporate Financial Accountability: A Comment.” Business History 64 (3): 583–86.

Pouillard, Véronique, and Waleria Dorogova. 2022. “Couture Ltd: French Fashion’s Debut in London’s West End.” Business History 64 (3): 587–609.