Recently released Business History 64(2)

Special Issue: Noblemen Entrepreneurs

This editorial introduces the 10 articles included in the special issue on ‘Noblemen-entrepreneurs in the Nineteenth Century. Investments, Innovation, Management and Networks’. The collected works focus on the business activities of noblemen in Europe and Asia, thus offering up opportunities for comparison in an age of economic expansion and globalisation. What was the contribution of the nobility to the economy? Can we consider noblemen to have been endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit? What differences or similarities can we draw between the European and Asian elites? In this introduction, we give a synthetic overview of the relevant issues in the broad topic of the collection and their importance to business history, and briefly present the accepted articles. As two of the articles deal with the Japanese case, while the others focus on Europe, we have dedicated specific sections to the European and Japanese nobilities.

Abe, Takeshi, Izumi Shirai, and Takenobu Yuki. 2022. “Socio-Economic Activities of Former Feudal Lords in Meiji Japan.” Business History 64 (2): 405–33.

Conca Messina, Silvia A., and Takeshi Abe. 2022. “Noblemen in Business in the Nineteenth Century: The Survival of an Economic Elite?*.” Business History 64 (2): 207–25.

Conca Messina, Silvia A., and Catia Brilli. 2022. “Agriculture and Nobility in Lombardy. Land, Management and Innovation (1815-1861).” Business History 64 (2): 255–79.

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Giner, Begoña, and Amparo Ruiz. 2022. “Family Entrepreneurial Orientation as a Driver of Longevity in Family Firms: A Historic Analysis of the Ennobled Trenor Family and Trenor y Cía.” Business History 64 (2): 327–58.

Jensen-Eriksen, Niklas, Saara Hilpinen, and Annette Forsén. 2022. “Nordic Noblemen in Business: The Ehrnrooth Family and the Modernisation of the Finnish Economy during the Late 19th Century.” Business History 64 (2): 385–404.

Mata, Maria Eugenia. 2022. “Exemplifying Aristocratic Cross-Border Entrepreneurship before WWI, from a Portuguese Perspective.” Business History 64 (2): 280–96.

Nakaoka, Shunsuke. 2022. “A Gateway to the Business World? The Analysis of Networks in Connecting the Modern Japanese Nobility to the Business Elite.” Business History 64 (2): 434–55.

Poettinger, Monika. 2022. “An Aristocratic Enterprise: The Ginori Porcelain Manufactory (1735–1896).” Business History 64 (2): 359–84.

Tedeschi, Paolo. 2022. “The Noble Entrepreneurs Coming from the Bourgeoisie: Counts Bettoni Cazzago during the Nineteenth Century.” Business History 64 (2): 239–54.

Tolaini, Roberto. 2022. “The Genoese Nobility: Land, Finance and Business from Restoration to the First World War.” Business History 64 (2): 297–326.