SEJ Special Issue: Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal has published a special issue devoted to historical approaches to entrepreneurship research.  The contributions highlight the value of a range of methods — socioeconomic history, cultural history, microhistory, comparative history, and historical case studies — in entrepreneurship research. The introduction discusses how these approaches advance theoretical views of the nature of entrepreneurial opportunities and action. The full, open-access special issue can be found here.


Context, Time, and Change: Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research 
R. Daniel Wadhwani, David Kirsch, Friederike Welter, William B. Gartner, Geoffrey Jones

The Household as a Source of Labor for Entrepreneurs: Evidence from New York City During Industrialization
Martin Ruef

Reintroducing Public Actors in Entrepreneurial Dynamics: A Co-evolutionary Approach to Categorization
Benoit Demil

Historicizing Entrepreneurial Networks
Matthew Hollow

Different Expectations: A Comparative History of Structure, Experience and Strategic Alliances in the U.S. and U.K. Poultry Sectors, 1920-1990
Andrew C. Godley, Shane Hamilton

Innovation, Intermediation, and the Nature of Entrepreneurship: A Historical Perspective
Steven Toms, Nick Wilson, Mike Wright