Historical Perspectives on Org Studies: The End of an Era


The final meeting of Standing Working Group 8 (Historical Perspectives on Org Studies) took place at the European Group for Organization Studies Meeting in Naples, Italy this past week. SWG 8 was established by Lars Engwall, Matthias Kipping, and Behlul Usdiken six years ago and has served as an important institutional platform for the discussion and development of work related to historical approaches to management and organizational research over that time. Many of the articles, chapters, and books that have been produced in the last few years were born out of the working group. Though, by EGOS rules, the standing working group has a limited term, the bigger project on the development of historical approaches to organizational research will continue next year at the EGOS meeting in Copenhagen, thanks two new sub themes related to history and organization studies. These are Subtheme 43 (Theorizing the Past, Present, and Future of Organization Theory) and Subtheme 44 (Rethinking History, Rethinking Business Schools).